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No. You are not alone.
Yes. We all feel this way sometimes.
No. You won't always feel like this.

  You are here because you or a loved one has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus.You are at the right  place.The most vital information we can offer you right now, is the knowledge and comfort of knowing, you are not alone.

  One of the most important things you can do as a person living with hydrocephalus or as a family member coping with the unknown is to become informed, and stay informed. You are taking the right steps by visiting our website and learning about hydrocephalus. Take time to search our site and discover all the programs and services we offer the hydrocephalus community.




                   Our Inspiration                                        Our Focus                                            Awareness                 

Hydrocephalus affects infants to elderly.Anyone at any age can develop hydrocephalus. At this time there is no cure. However, we believe research can help discover new ways to better treat and understand the condition. We want you to know, you are not alone on this journey. 


We strive to be part of  the solution of improving the lives of infants to elderly who are living with hydrocephalus and their families. We extend our reach and impact by leveraging our experience and strong relationships with our community to continuously improve and expand our core programs, while also developing new services to address the unique needs of the hydrocephalus community we serve.

Meet our Board of Directors. Learn about our organization. See our awards & recognitions.


 This ribbon matters and so does every man, woman, and child who is living with the complex issues of hydrocephalus. In 2012, we started the "This Ribbon Matters" campaign to unite and   empower the hydrocephalus community through this awareness effort. The national Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon has been accepted, embraced and used in a variety of ways "globally" to help bring awareness to hydrocephalus. We have a fantastic on-line store where you can purchase   T-shirts and more featuring this ribbon. We invite you to join us, as we continue to make "this ribbon matter!"



                Get Involved                                        Community                                  Knowledge is Power        

Power is a great way to describe the efforts of volunteers. When you volunteer you give us power to help. When the phone rings and a family is in need, we will have the power to say, "yes" we can help. When a Researcher applies for a grant, we have the power to say "yes" we can fund that project! Be POWERFUL.  Be a Hydro Angel VOLUNTEER. Register today.


Check out our 2015 Calendar of Events! We are sure we have something going on you would love to support. Even if you can't attend, you can always make a donation in honor of yourself or a loved one who has hydrocephalus.Please spread the word, your support will make a difference.

Stay tuned for our announcements.


Hydro Angels Over America is proud to support young men & women who wish to pursue higher education. We believe in you and appreciate your efforts. Our scholarships are for students who have hydrocephalus. Apply by May 31st.

We will award scholarships in September.








The beautiful faces of those living with hydrocephalus

Over 1 million Americans have hydrocephalus
Awareness Matters